A Cleaner Community

Chugach Alaska Corporation (Chugach) has five Core Behaviors that guide everything our employees do:

  • We do things the right way
  • We create meaningful value
  • We empower people
  • We build community
  • We leave things better than we found them

On Friday, April 26, the employees of Chugach put all of these behaviors to work, taking part in the Anchorage Chamber of Commerces’s Citywide Clean up. Chugach volunteers donned safety vests and protective gloves, and then they hit the streets with bright orange trash bags in hand. They scoured up and down the city-wide block to pick up a winter’s worth of discarded garbage.

With warm weather and plenty of sunshine, conditions could not have been better. It was definitely an optimal garbage clean-up day and a perfect way to make Anchorage ready for summer.

Events Coordinator Dee Pletnikoff was thrilled with the turnout, “I thought the City Cleanup went great.  We had almost 40 participants, and we managed to collect three and a half truck loads of trash.  Employees Zorea Converse & Joe Tabios kick off the event with a safety briefing, and everyone went out, safely, and enjoyed the sunshine while helping our community,” she said. “All in all, it was a great success, and I really look forward to doing it again next year!”

Chugach would like to extend a huge thank you to the Events Committee for putting the clean-up together and to all the volunteers who helped make their community a better place!

Check out the video below to see some highlights from the clean-up.