The Chugach people have lived and flourished in South Central Alaska for more than 5,000 years, and as a corporation, we have, with the hard work and dedication of our employees, built a strong and successful business during the last 45 years. The common denominator to our longevity as a tribe and as a company in the modern era is our Core Behaviors.

This website, the heart of the Chugach community, will share our story through the lens of our five Core Behaviors:

We Do Things the Right Way

We are in it for the long haul, and are proud of how we deliver services and win work. We never compromise our integrity, ethics and safety standards. We are respectful, honest and open with each other. We own up to our mistakes and stand by our commitments.

We Create Meaningful Value

We are a forever company that builds enduring relationships with mutual trust and respect. We treat our customers as we do our Elders; they always eat first. We offer fair prices and a best value approach. We choose partners who see us as valued partners.

We Empower People

We provide employees who are committed to reaching their full potential with the opportunities and resources to grow and overcome challenges. We treat employees with respect and dignity. We cultivate leaders at all levels by modeling humility, courage and self-reflection. We believe all of our employees are capable of extraordinary things.

We Build Community

We honor our community ownership by making decisions for the collective good. We embrace the diversity of the Chugach family and our communities. We are a positive force within our communities and workplaces. We take time to have fun and celebrate our successes

We Leave Things Better Than We Found Them

We strive for excellence, not the status quo. We seek ways to make our workplaces more safe and efficient. We are passionate about continuously improving our company and each other. We realize that sometimes the smallest changes can have the greatest impact.